Bainer Dog Walking


Resources For Dog Owners and Our Walkers/Trainers

  •  - The Los Angeles Animal Services website has helpful information on adoptions, spay and neutering, health tips, legal information, and permits. This is also a great place to read up on all the new rules and policies applicable to dogs and dog ownership in Los Angeles County.
  • - This is the page for animal control in orange county. You can find information on adoption, permits, laws, and more.
  • - This is a very good resource for health. They have some great articles written by veterinarians.
  • - This is a good resource for dog food. They have a free text message recall program that will send you a notification when recalls happen.
  • - While we use mostly positive training at Bainer, there are many great training tips on Cesar Milan's website. Do not use any of the training methods without consulting our trainers first.

Walking Tips

  1. The most important dog walking tip is to stay calm. When you are tense, your dog feels this and will misbehave.
  2.  Don't use a harness unless your dog is already trained to walk behind or next to you.
  3. Don't use choke chains, prong collars, or electronic collars. These tools can be dangerous, only use if you are shown the proper way to use them by a certified trainer.
  4. Use treats during the walk. Give treats when your dog sits by the curb to wait for traffic and when your dog is calmly walking behind you.
  5. Don't let people touch your dog during the walk unless your dog is already well trained. Strangers can disrupt the walk and make training harder.
  6. Change directions often to make your dog focus on you. This encourages your dog to follow you which is the most important part of the dog walk.
  7. Walk at a brisk pace. Walking too slow is boring for your dog and he is more likely to get distracted.
  8. Use a short leash, do not use adjustable leashes.